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Wuxi (无锡) is a city on the Yangtse River between Suzhou and Nanjing, which is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, half way between the cities of Shanghai and Nanjing, with Shanghai 128km to its east and Nanjing 183km to its west. In its south is Lake Taihu and to its north is Yangtse River. The city is under direct jurisdiction of the province and governs three cities and six districts. Wuxi administers 9 county-level divisions, including 7 districts and 2 county-level cities.Because of its recent development, Wuxi has been dubbed the "little Shanghai".

Climate: Wuxi is moist and temperate, belonging to that of the sub-tropical maritime with distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 15.5℃. Though it seldom sees snow. Because of its proximity to the East China Sea, it has a monsoon season and receives 100 cm of rain annually. With fertile soil and rich produce, it is the famous “land teeming with fish and rice” in China.

History: Belonging to one of the eight primitive cultural districts in China, Wuxi is a famous cultural city with a history of over 3,000 years. The establishment of the city can be traced back to the end of the Shang Dynasty. Taibo, the eldest son of emperor Zhouwu in the West Zhou Dynasty came here to introduce the inland culture to the south and created the Wu culture. The place used to be rich in tin deposit during the Zhou and Qin dynasties. As the tin was depleted by the end of the Qin Dynasty, the place was called Wuxi, meaning “ a place without tin”.

Economy: Wuxi is endowed with rich natural and human resources with a galaxy of gifted persons and developed economy. As one of the birthplaces of China’s national industry and commerce, Wuxi is one of the fifteen economic centers in China. The GDP per capita was ¥65,203 (ca. US$8,926) in 2007, ranked no.2 in Jiangsu Province, less than Suzhou but more than the capital city Nanjing. 

 Hotel Information: Picturesque hotel located on the side of beautiful Taihu Lake, is four-star hotel with own characteristic style in peaceful surroundings. The hotel occupies on the entrance to the major and famous scenic sports, for instance, Li Garden, Turtle-head Park, Lingshan Buddhist Paradise, Tang Dynasty City, Three Kingdoms City etc.
A full range of accommodation for 252 guest rooms, including presidential-suit, executive suites, deluxe standard rooms and standard rooms. It possesses Chinese, Western restaurant and different styles private rooms, and has 1500 seats for dinner at the same time, Business Center, Shopping Arcade, Bar, Cafe, Tennis, Gymnasium and the other entertainments, Multifunction Hall, Beauty Salon etc. The hotel is an idea place for holding all kinds of banquet, buffet, cocktail party and suit for traveling, vocation and commercial affairs.

Information for Transportation:Wuxi Airport---Railway Station--- Wuxi Picturesque Hotel

  • Take airport-bus to railway station and then transfer bus line K20 or K82 to Picturesque station.
  • PuDong International Airport/HongQiao Airport---Wuxi Railway Station—Wuxi Picturesque Hotel.
  • Take airport bus to Railway Station and then transfer bus line K20 or K82 to Picturesque Hotel.

Address: No. 999, Lixi Road, Wuxi City

Tel.: 0510-88681888 / 0510-85111555