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Shanghai 's orientation:

Shanghai is located in the southeast China , boarded by the East China Sea to the east, Jiangsu province to the northwest, and Zhejiang province to the southwest. It covers the south portion of the Yangtze Delta. As the most metropolitan city in China , Shanghai is very accessible. Shanghai can be reachable by air, by land and by water.

By air

Shanghai is served by Pudong International Airport and Hong Qiao Shanghai Airport . They are direct international flights between Shanghai and some European and US cities.

Pudong International Airport  
The Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located on the South coast at the mouth of the Yangtze River, around 30 km (19 miles) away from central Shanghai and 40 km (25 miles) away from the Hong Qiao International Airport, which itself is situated 13 kilometres from the city centre, towards the western suburbs of Shanghai.

Currently, Pudong International Airport has accommodated an average aircraft movements over 400 times per day, already accounting for approx. 60% of the total aircraft movements of Shanghai . And it is serving for about 50 domestic and foreign airlines, connecting with over 70 international and regional destinations and 60 domestic destinations.

Visitor can take a taxi to the airport for about 150 RMB. But now more popular alternative is available: the newly opened magnetic train which can run as fast as 430 km/h and take you from downtown Shanghai to the airport in 7 minutes or so.

Hongqiao Airport
The existing Hongqiao Airport, though slightly down at heel, actually works quite well and is easily accessed from the central business district where many airlines have offices. Twenty-one domestic airlines and 20 foreign airlines now use the airport. The two Shanghai-based airlines, China Eastern Airlines (CEA) and Shanghai Airlines (SAL), have substantial investments at Hongqiao and are probably reluctant to move overnight to Pudong.

By train
Shanghai is the hub of China 's railway network. They are daily trains from China 's main tourist city, Beijing , Xian, Guilin , Kunming and much more to Shanghai . It is very easy for visitor to take a train from other places to Shanghai or vice verse. They are even train running between Shanghai and Kowloon in Hongkong, which has proved very useful to foreign visitors. The express lines between Shanghai and Suzhou , Wuxi , Nanjing and Hangzhou are very popular among travelers.
The main railway station is Shanghai Railway Station, near Suzhou Creek. The ticket office is a large building located just east of the main square on the southern side of the station, with at least some windows open at all hours. Foreign visitors can buy tickets in the soft seat waiting room. Many hotels may also reserve train tickets for travelers for a small service charge.
Some trains depart from the Shanghai West Railway Station. Make sure which train station your train will depart from before moving there.

By water
Shanghai 's ideal location by the Yangtze River makes it easily accessible by boat or vice verse. The main passenger port is the Shiliupu Passenger Port , Which is located at Zhongshan Nan Road , about 1 km south of the Bund. There are boats from Shanghai along the Yangtze River up to Jiujiang, Wuhan and Chongqing . There are also boats between Shanghai and some of China 's neighboring countries such as South Korea and Japan .

By bus
There are two main long distance bus stations in Shanghai. Buses depart from shanghai heading along the east coast to Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other cities. More high expresses linking Shanghai and some other major cities are under construction will be put into use in the near future.